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SG2006 Open Space

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Scrum Gathering 2006 -- Open Space


Two key pages:

Topics for Wednesday , Nov 15

Topics for Thursday, Nov 16


Open Space facilitator: Diana Larsen


Here is the Open Space invitation...


Scrum: Straight Up /On the Rocks / With a Twist


How do we sustain the values and principles of Scrum as we adopt the practices in our organizations?


Join us in Open Space to share your challenges, strategies, success stories and how you've overcome stumbling blocks.


We’ll be discussing topics such as:

• Does size matter? Adopting scrum in large, medium and small organizations.

• How do we do Scrum successfully in crisis-driven, or crisis-prone, organizations?

• How do you engage the majority-in-the-middle after you've crossed the chasm?

• How do we spread the philosophy of Scrum through the organization to build support and effectiveness?

• How do you stop the slide back into old habits (including the seeping in of waterfall)?

• How do we explain the Product Owner role? How do we help teams who don’t have strong Product Owners?

• Are we adopting Scrum or adapting it? What's the difference? Are we adapting Scrum past recognition?

• How do we group teams to sustain self-organization and productivity?


Bring the topics that you feel passion for, and add them to the list!

For a preview on how Open Space works, visit http://tinyurl.com/rn7yu

Each self-organizing discussion group will create a document or other record of their discussion, ideas, questions, and insights.

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