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Could someone create a link here to the conference evaluation? Thanks, Russell Earnest


The evaluations are tied directly to your email address. We can't post a link because only those people whose email addresses are in the database are eligible to complete the evaluation. As an attendee of the Gathering, you should be receiving an email with evaluation instructions.  Rebecca Traeger, Editor, 


Russell, did Rebecca address what you wanted to accomplish?  If not, we could have a kind of discussion here (as you might see, wiki "conversations" are different than Yahoo board conversations).  Regards,  Joe


Yes, thank you Joe & Rebecca.  I just wanted to make sure I didn't miss something.  -Russell


I thought that the slide decks of the various presenters (not open space, the sessions on Mon and Tues morning) would be up here somewhere.  Am I missing them, are they on another wiki/web page?  -Ron