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Nothing Ever Changes Around Here

Page history last edited by Mark Levison 12 years, 2 months ago


Nothing Ever Gets Better Around Here


1. Smells

  • Retrospective doesn't happen
  • No actionable items generated from Retrospective
  • Actions aren't taken
  • Non team members attend the meeting
  • No one wants to talk
  • The same issues come up time after time


2. Discussion


If we're not continously improving we're not really Agile. So what happened?



3. Causes

  • Action Items if they exist, don't have owners.
  • Action Items get forgotten as soon as the Retrospective is over


4. Consequences

  • Team fails to improve


5. Prevention


6. Example Remedies

  • After discussing issues - ask team members to suggest concrete actions (see Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great for some great ideas).

  • Ensure that action items are small and achievable.
  • Ask a for one volunteer to own each action item.
  • Action items can't be assigned to people not present at the meeting.
  • Discuss action items as part of the daily standup - at least a few times during the iteration.
  • Post action items in a highly visible location


7. Case Studies


Credit: this is based on material from "10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP" by Henrik Kniberg. Personal Experience: Mark Levison

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