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Missing Sprint Commitment

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Consistently Missing Sprint Commitment


1. Smells


The team consistently misses its sprint goal. Sprint after sprint the team commits to more stories than it can handle.


2. Discussion


3. Causes

  • Not tracking velocity
  • Not allowing for slack time (vacation days, sick days, meetings etc.)
  • Over committing in spite of the evidence provided by the velocity.


4. Consequences

  • Management and the Product Owner don't have a good idea when the release will be complete.
  • Quality suffers as the team is always trying to squeeze more into an iteration than they could handle.


5. Prevention


6. Example Remedies

  • Track velocity and use it as an estimate of capacity during the next Planning meeting.
    • Consider using the average velocity of the last three sprints.
  • Examine the consistency and quality of estimates during a Retrospective.
  • Remind the team of the effects of over committing during the Planning meeting.
  • Allow for slack time during the planning session.


7. Case Studies


Credit: this is based on material from "10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP" by Henrik Kniberg. Personal Experience: Mark Levison


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