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The following people have offered that they /may/ be available to offer advice to those unfamiliar with Scrum, new to Scrum, or having a question about Scrum. It is assumed that the advice sought is relatively small. Be aware that all these people have a day job. Be aware that, like you, most of these people get very busy from time to time, and may not be able to respond as quickly as they would like.


Some of these people would consider themselves more of a scrum-buddy than a mentor.


Scrum Alliance makes no warranty, explicit or implied, about the quality of the advice of these mentors. If you are looking for professional advice, please use good judgment in selecting a consultant.

Name: Joe Little, CST

Role: ScrumMaster, coach, master coach, trainer

Firm: Kitty Hawk Consulting

City/State: Charlotte, NC

Contact: at kittyhawkconsulting DOT com with prefix jhlittle, also http://agileconsortium.blogspot.com

Business Telephone: 917-887-1669 (cell)

Interests: Agile and scrum. My interests are broad. I have an MBA, which is consistent with an interest in the business side of projects. Although I am sometimes taken for a real techie.

Name: Michael Vizdos, CST (Certified Scrum Trainer)

Role: ScrumMaster, Coach, Mentor, and Trainer

Firm: Independent

City/State: Earth, Third Rock From The Sun

Business Telephone: 619-709-1716 (cell)

Interests: Scrum and working with teams. I have a blog located at http://www.implementingscrum.com that deals with real-world issues encountered when working with Scrum teams.

Name: Ann Atkinson, CSM

Role: ScrumMaster

Firm: Visiality, Inc.

City/State: Plymouth/Minneapolis, MN

Business Telephone: 763-519-8474

Interests: Agile and Scrum within and beyond software development. Co-located, distributed and global teams.

Name: Hubert Smits, CST

Role: Certified Scrum Trainer

Firm: Rally

City/State: Boulder, CO

Business Telephone: (303) 565 2823

Interests: Scaling, outsourcing, reporting, burndowns

Name: Lowell Lindstrom

Role: CST, Transition Coach, Business Coach

Firm: The Oobeya Group

City/State: Glen Ellyn, IL

Business Telephone: 630-335-0889

Interests: Organization effectiveness; minimizing the stresses of change; Agile as a means, not an end; well factored code and systems; designing for automated testing.

Name: Chris Doss

Role: Certified Scrum Practitioner, Management Coach, PMP

Firm: Capital One

City/State: Richmond, VA

Business Telephone: 804-855-3886

Interests: Organizational adoption of Scrum, Managing in an Agile environment, Continuous improvement of business and the employee experience

Name: Boris Gloger

Role: Founder of SPRiNT iT, Certified Scrum Trainer

Firm: SPRiNT iT

City/State: Karlsruhe, Germany

Business Telephone: +49 170 525 63 48

Interests: Scaling, Scrum & CMMi, Honesty, Emotions in Scrum and the business world.

Name: Jiri Lundak, CSM-Practicing

Role: ScrumMaster, Coach, Team Lead, Developer

Firm: Loewenfels Partner AG

City/State: Lucerne, Switzerland

Business Telephone: +41 41-418-44-99

Interests: Scrum and Agile values in general. Scaling Scrum (currently with up to 5 teams). Transitioning from Waterfall to Agile. Backlog Management. Metrics and Reporting to Upper Management.

Name: Mark Pushinsky, Certified Scrum Trainer

Role: Agile Coach, Change Agent, Team Advocate

Firm: Capital One

City/State: Richmond/Virginia

Business Telephone: 804-784-7111

Interests: Team Effectiveness, Enterprise adoption of Scrum, Distributed Scrum, and Executive Education on Scrum

Name: Deborah Hartmann

Role: Agile Process Improvement Coach, Open Space facilitator

Firm: Independent Agile Coach, Agile Community Editor for InfoQ.com

City/State: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Business Telephone: fouronesix 996-4337

Interests: introducing Scrum, leading a team, scrum product owners, getting benefit from retrospectives, appropriate metrics, Open Space facilitation

Name: David Höhn, CSP

Role: Agilist, Mentor for agile processes, Consultancy

Firm: TBD

City/State: London, UK

Business Telephone: none yet

Interests: Improving human interactions to better facilitate and environment where agile works. Scaling and improving communication patterns, engineering practices, Presentations and Open spaces.

Name: Mark Levison

Role: ScrumMaster, Agile Coach


City/State: Ottawa, On, Canada

Business Telephone: 613 761 9821

Blog: Notes from a Tool User

Interests: Improving communications, introducing Agile Software development, Agile outside of software development.

Name: Pete Deemer, Certified Scrum Trainer

Role: Chief Product Officer, Yahoo! India R&D

Firm: Yahoo!

City/State: Bangalore, INDIA

Business Telephone: contact petedeemer AT yahoo.com

Website: www.scrumprimer.com

Interests: Scrum and Agile in India and Asia: feel free to contact me if you're interested in learning more about Scrum, connecting with other people and companies using it, getting data on real-world results, or if you'd like to hear about Scrum certification (CSM) courses in India and Asia.

Name: Esther Derby, Certified Scrum Trainer

Role: Consultant

Firm: esther derby associates, inc.

City/State: Minneaoplis, MN

Business Telephone: 612.724.8114

Website: www.estherderby.com

Interests: Scrum, helping organizations foster change, collaboration skills, interpersonal skills, productive work environments

Name: Jim York, Certified Scrum Trainer

Role: ScrumMaster, Coach, and Trainer

Firm: FoxHedge Ltd

City/State: Leesburg, VA

Business Telephone: 703.431.2176

Website: www.jim-york.com

Interests: Scrum, Lean, Agile, helping others create environments where change can occur, navigating emotional reactions to change

Name: Douglas E Shimp , Certified Scrum Trainer

Role: Senior Consultant

Firm: 3Back.com

City/State: Chicago

Business Telephone: 414-617-7073

Website: www.3back.com

Interests: ScrumMaster and Product Owner Training, Implementation, Use Cases, Stories, Planning, Blog, Scrum, Lean and Crystal

Name: Michele Sliger, CST

Role: Consultant

Firm: Sliger Consulting, Inc.

City/State: Denver, CO USA


Business Telephone: 720-377-1741

Website: www.sligerconsulting.com

Interests: Transitioning from traditional project management to Scrum, coaching, facilitation, mentoring future servant-leaders

Name: Kane Mar, CSP & CST

Role: Scrum Coach and Trainer

Firm:Danube Technologies, Inc

City/State: Seattle, WA USA


Business Telephone: 310-593-3666

Website: Adventures in Agile software development and Scrum

Interests: Organizational change from traditional project and product management to Scrum; coaching; Extreme Programming (XP) engineering practices including Continuous Integration and Test Driven Development.

Name: Roman Pichler, CSP & CST

Role: Consultant, Trainer, Coach

Firm: Pichler Consulting Ltd

City/State: Nottingham, UK

Business Telephone: +44 (0) 7949 203772

Website: www.romanpicher.com

Interests: Large and distributed Scrum projects, the Product Owner, functional managers and Scrum, organisational change and Scrum, Scrum and Lean.

Name: George Schlitz, CSP

Role: Consultant

City/State: Boston, MA

Business Telephone: (508)688-7864

Interests: Org change, introduction of Scrum and Agile to the large, traditional enterprise.

Name: Chris Sterling

Role: Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach

Firm: SolutionsIQ

City/State: Redmond, WA

Contact: SolutionsIQ point com with prefix csterling

Business Telephone: 425-503-6925

Website: http://www.solutionsiq.com/

Blog: http://chrissterling.gettingagile.com/

Interests: Coaching teams and organizations on implementing Scrum and Agile, User Stories, Extreme Programming (XP) development practices (TDD, Continuous Integration, Pair Programming)

Name: Bil Simser

Role: CSM, Mentor, Lead Developer, Architect

Firm: Consultant

City/State: Calgary, Alberta

Business Telephone: 403-399-9375

Website: http://www.bilsimser.com

Blog: http://weblogs.asp.net/bsimser

Interests: Coaching teams on implementing Scrum and Agile through the use of alternate development practices (TDD, DDD, BDD) in a Microsoft world.

Name: Peter Hundermark, CSM, CSP, CSC

Role: Scrum and agile coach and trainer

Firm: SPRiNT-iT Africa

City/State: Cape Town, South Africa

Contact: peter dot hundermark at ...

Business Telephone: +27 84 261 3860

Website: www.sprint-it.com

Interests: Evanglising Scrum and agile practices, helping teams and organisations transition to Scrum, growing servant leaders

Name:Marc Evers

Role:Agile coach and trainer, Open Space facilitator

Firm:Piecemeal Growth

City/State:Nieuwegein, The Netherlands (available for coaching and training work across Europe)

Contact:marc at piecemealgrowth dot nl

Business Telephone:+31 6 44 55 000 3



Interests:Coaching teams to improve their performance and joy in work through Lean, Scrum, XP, or whatever is appropriate in a specific situation; coaching Scrum masters and agile coaches; systems thinking & systemic coaching

Name: Tobias Mayer

Role: Agile Coach and Trainer, Organizational Change Agent

Firm: Agile Thinking

City/State: Antwerp, Belgium and London, UK

Contact: Tobias [at] Agile Thinking [dot] Net

Business Telephone: +1 650-796-0325 USA only), Skype: tobyanon (elsewhere)

Website: Agile Thinking | Agile Thoughts Blog 

Interests: People, Self-organization, Release, Emergence


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at 8:33 pm on Mar 27, 2010

Name: Kondala Rao Maddala
Role: Senior Software Consultant, CSM
Firm: Apkon systems Inc

City/State: Atlanta, GA USA
Contact: Krao[at]apkonsystems[dot]com
Business Telephone: +1 678-516-2661

Interests: Scrum, Lean, Agile as a means not an end, collaboration skills, interpersonal skills, productive work environments, People, Self-organization.

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