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Local Groups

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Local Groups


These may be Scrum groups, but usually they are general Agile groups.


Please list your group below.

Please also see these pages:





To start a new user group, here's some emerging advice: http://apln.pbwiki.com/Agile+Group+Cookbook


Name Location Contact Website Comments
Atlanta Scrum Users Group Atlanta, GA Michael  
email me
Location: Atlanta, GA US
Members : 249 Agile Software Supporters
Founded : May 12, 2008
Agile Austin Austin, TX Scott Killen www.agileaustin.org

Agile Austin Monthly Meetings

Excepting holiday's, Agile Austin meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of the month from 6:00pm - 8:30pm at the Microsoft Technology Center; Stonebridge Plaza One; 9606 North Mopac, Suite 200, Austin TX, 78759.

Monthly meetings are free to attend for members and non-members.   To inquire or become a member, contact Gary: treasurer_AT_agileaustin.org.

√Āgiles Argentina Argentina Juan Gabardini  www.agiles.org

Monthly meetings in Buenos Aires

Agile Boston Boston Dan Mezick Agile Boston: A thriving and active Scrum and Agile user group in Boston MA

Come on down! We meet the 4th Wednesday of the month 630 to 830PM. In 2008 and 2009 we had meetings of up to 148 attending a single meeting! We average 80 people at each meeting. Attend for good education, networking, a good time.Each meeting has a good Scrum intro, some food, beverage and informal social networking time, and then the main event from 7:15 to 8:30PM. We are a very active group, meeting at a great location which is Microsoft Waltham. To attend a meetings, just visit the site and RSVP. If you want to be a speaker, contact Dan Mezick at the email listed on this entry. Dan is an Agile and Scrum Coach that organizes each meeting. We've had Jeff Sutherland and lots of other great speakers from the Agile and Scrum communities. We have a very active, very alive user group here. Lots of energy and attendance.


Learn more about Agile Boston and Dan Mezick by clicking this link: 

Dan Mezick, a Scrum Coach serving MA, CT, RI


Agile Connecticut ( CT) Connecticut, Central CT/Hartford CT area Dan Mezick Agile CT (Connecticut) : an active Agile and Scrum user group serving all of CT

Agile CT is an active Agile and Scrum usergroup in CT. Connecticut contains rather large insurance companies, so we have real problems with Agile adoptions here. However, some large insurance companies are taking a stab at Agile and Scrum with various degrees of success. We are a Scrum-centric group. We have fun meetings! We meet the 1st Tuesday of the month at Microsoft's Farmington CT offices. Each meeting begins with a brief Scrum intro, followed by some informal networking time with beverages and food....then the main event. If you want to attend the next meeting, just RSVP from the web site. Dan Mezick organizes each meeting and leads the group. We are looking to gain more traction in CT. We are a general Agile-oriented group that believes everyone can benefit from Scrum and Scrum-thinking. Scrum is it ! Learn more about Agile Connecticut and Dan Mezick here:

Dan Mezick, a Scrum Coach serving MA, CT, RI

Boston Agile Bazaar Boston Ken Schwaber http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/AgileBazaar/  
Agile-Carolinas NC/SC (Charlotte) Joe Little http://agile-carolinas.pbwiki.com If you are in the area, welcome! This group is not exclusively for Scrum, but Scrum people are well-represented.
Agile Greenville Greenville SC Brian Adams https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8486403 If you are in Greenville please feel free to join our group. We have various industry types represented and have a lot of valuable knowledge shared.
AgileHarrisburg Harrisburg, PA Stacia Broderick not setup yet If you are in the Central PA area, contact me to get together!
AgilePhilly Philadelphia, PA Agile Philly Mailing List http://wiki.agilephilly.com We meet every First Tue of the month in Philly's Western Suburbs and other locations
BayAPLN San Francisco Bay Area David Chilcott



San Francisco Bay Area Agile Project Leadership Network Local Chapter. The Bay Area Agile Project Leadership Network (BayAPLN) was founded in 2006 to support a community of practice in the greater San Francisco Bay Area to discuss, develop and promote techniques for the management of Agile Projects and Agile Organizations.


We provide a forum for sharing practical experiences and advice. We also explore and develop Agile techniques, understanding and practices at the project, department, organization and enterprise levels.

OTUG Agile Experience Group Twin Cities, Minnesota Pam Rostal or

Kyle Larson

http://otug.org 3rd Tuesday every month at U of St. Thomas. Open Space format with at least one session dedicated to Scrum. OTUG is an umbrella user group spanning languages, methods, tools and technologies for the software development community in the Minneapolis - St. Paul area.
Swiss CSM Group Switzerland Joseph Pelrine

or Jiri Lundak

http://scrumaufdeutsch.pbwiki.com/ If you are in the area, welcome! Meetings are usually announced through the German speaking Scrum mailing list at http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/deutschescrum/
Ottawa Agile Ottawa, ON, Canada Contact: Mark Levison (email) http://agileottawa.wordpress.com/ We meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month and are interested in all things Agile, including Scrum, XP, Crystal and even Kanban. Meeting details are announced on the blog, yahoo group. LinkedIn and Meetup. Most meetings have a speaker and then off for a pint afterward. This group has been around for longer than its been fashionable to be agile.
Agile Halifax Halifax, NS, Canada Ryan Cooper



We're interested in all things agile, including Scrum. Meetings are scheduled on the yahoo group.
Pittsburgh Coding Dojo Pittsburgh, PA Greg Akins



Coding Dojo, and Iteration "0". Join our mailing list at http://groups.yahoo.com/groups/pghcodingdojo
Agile Iowa Des Moines, IA Kent McDonald http://www.agileiowa.org/

An agile group founded September 2005.

Agile Maryland Baltimore/Washington area George Dinwiddie or Jeff Waltzer http://agilemaryland.org/

An agile group founded in 2002 (I think). There's a MarylandXP Yahoogroup associated with this, also.

Agile Hyderabad Hyderabad, India Sarath Chandra K  

An agile group founded in 2003. We meet on the 3rd week of every month to discuss Scurm, Agile, TDD and other related topics


APLN Maryland Baltimore/Columbia Linda Cook

Frank Varisco

George Dinwiddie

Sherri Dotson

Hillel Glazer

http://apln.agilemaryland.org or find us under Local Chapters at http://www.apln.org APLN local chapter. Meetings in Baltimore, Hunt Valley, and Columbia. All persons interested in things Agile/Scrum/LEAN/APLN are welcome. Email the group at aplnmd@agilemaryland.org for more info, join the mailing list or check out the website.
XP User Group Duesseldorf Duesseldorf, Germany

XPUGD Mailing List

http://www.xpugd.de User group for XP, Scrum and Agile. Founded in February 2007.
Agile Ukraine Ukraine, Europe Alexey Krivitsky http://www.agileukraine.org/ An agile user group (mainly on XP and Scrum). Founded in Jan 2007.

We have a discussion group and support a Ukrainian Scrum portal.

Italian Scrum User Group Italy http://groups.google.com/group/it-scrum-user-group http://groups.google.com/group/it-scrum-user-group If you're in Italy, please join.
Agile in Belgium Belgium Jurgen De Smet http://agile-be.collectivex.com/ (LinkedIn) User Group operating in cooperation with XP.be initiative in order to spread the word by means of group meetings, forums, mail list postings... Founded in May 2008, having a growing number of Members the one more familiar with lean, agile, scrum, xp... than the other.


First group meeting was done in June 2008, see artifacts and pictures

Agile Holland The Netherlands Marc Evers, Michael Franken, Olav Maassen & Laurens Bonnema http://agileholland.com User group for anyone interested in agile development (Scrum, Lean, XP, Kanban, ...) in The Netherlands. Founded in June 2008; we currently have almost 200 members.
Agile Peru Peru Gustavo Quiroz http://www.agile-peru.net/ Group for people new to Agile/Scrum in Peru. Please join our mailing list.
French Scrum User Group France Luc Legardeur or Pascal Thivent http://www.frenchsug.org/ Group for people interested in Scrum and Agile development in France. Founded in 2009.


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