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Intro Comments Firms Using Scrum

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Introductory Comments


This is a list of firms that some people (often one person at each firm) say are "using Scrum". That might be one team or all teams.


It is certain that this list does not contain every firm that has a team(s) that uses Scrum (or at least what that team would call Scrum).

We urge you to make your firm known and to make this list known to others. So that people seeking a community for Scrum can find each other.


Purposes: This list was started with two purposes:

1. Identify firms where others might find a like-minded soul to discuss Agile/Scrum. In other words, to support community and all that means.

2. To enable us to respond to requests for research. For example, if a PhD student contacts us, we have some firms and people at them that we can refer them to.


Contact Joe Little if you are interested in research. And see: People at Firms



Be extremely careful drawing any inferences from this information. See Discussion Scrum Firms

Some people question how many of these firms are "really" doing Scrum, for example.

For discussion about the quality of this information, see comments below the table and please see this page: Discussion Scrum Firms


If you are willing to post your name and/or contact information publicly, go here: People at Firms

Alternately, please send contact info to Joe Little (include Firm Info, Contact Name and email address)


Please correct or add information below.

The password to edit is... agile

If you feel intimidated editing in this wiki, just send the info to Joe Little (email addr below).


The meanings of some of the columns are explained below the table.


Joe Little

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