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Firms Using Scrum

Page history last edited by Joe Little 9 years, 7 months ago

Firms Using Scrum


Intro Comments 


We hope the main use of the list in the Google doc is to enable people to share information and experiences about Scrum with a wider community.


Most of the intro comments have been moved to this page: http://scrumcommunity.pbwiki.com/Intro-Comments-Firms-Using-Scrum


Use caution is drawing inferences from this information! This list does not include many firms using Scrum (I personally can name many not on the list).  There are many reasons firms are not on the list.  One is is a mere "get off the butt and do it" problem.  One is a "what do I say" problem.  Most of them not big, just normal human things.  IMO.


If you are willing to post your name and/or contact information publicly, please tell us.


Please send updates to us, at jhlittle AT leanagiletraining DOT com


If others wish to help curate this list, please tell me. (We tried open editing, and that did not work out well.)


A Firm Using Scrum has at least one team doing something that can fairly be called Scrum, eg, most of the practices mentioned in the Scrum Guide.  If there is very much ScrumButt, we probably should not put them on the list (eg, "We do Scrum, but we don't do a daily Daily Scrum" -- That would be ScrumButt).


Regards, Joe 


For the LIST of Firms Using Scrum....


The list is now a Google spreadsheet.   --->>>  Here.


You cannot update it directly.  To update or add to the list, send send information to me (Joe Little).  See email address above. Or ask to become an editor.



Contact in Firm - This means we have a contact in this firm. That person has confirmed they are using Scrum.  (We are not releasing contact info because of concerns about spam and privacy. If you want to make your contact info (or some of it) public, please tell us.)


Contact on LinkedIn - This will indicate (in the contact is willing to) that the contact is on LinkedIn.


Date Updated - Most recent date when someone (either in or outside the firm) has asserted that one or more teams in the firm is using Scrum.


Info Source - This could be a person outside the firm who knows that the firm is using Scrum.  This kind of source might be more or less reliable. 


Article - Means that there is a published article (of some sort) that discusses or mentions that the firm is implementing Scrum.  We will try to add details about the article.





City: (a firm can be listed for multiple cities, of appropriate)



Contact in Firm:  (Also add contact info if you want)

Contact on LinkedIn (Y/N):

Have Contact Info (Y/N):

Date Updated:

Info Source:  (esp of someone outside the firm) (Add contact info if you want)

Person on LinkedIn (Y/N):

Article: (Has the Scrum implementation been discussed in an article?  If so, details.)

Comments on Scrum Implementation:






Please adhere to these ideas:

1. Tell the truth.

2. Do not invade a firm's privacy.  If you have reason to suspect that a firm does not wish to be publicly shown as doing Scrum, do not make their name public.

3. Do not tell more than the truth.

4. A firm can be listed many times, once for each city in which it is doing Scrum.

5. Please try to remember to add the country.

6. Please update the 'date updated' about once a year.  If you know the firm is still using Scrum. (If not, do not update the date.)

7. Try to avoid 'hear-say' information.  Please try to confirm that the firm is really doing some Scrum.  Names on a list does not prove that a firm does Scrum.

8. Please try to get others to add names.

9. Please respect a person's privacy. Do not reveal a person's contact info without his or her permission.

Did I say enough?





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