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Executive Pressure

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Executive Pressue


1. Smells

  • Executive's demand the team commit to releasing a set of "minimum" features by a certain date.
  • Executive's attend the team's meetings
  • Executive's communicate directly with team members to remind them of deadlines


2. Discussion


Instead of trading time vs. features the team is being forced to sacrifice something else - usually quality. In addition since the commitment doesn't come from the team - they have no reason to support it.


3. Causes


4. Consequences

  • Quality levels will be reduced.
  • Morale will be reduced - with team members saying that nothing has changed since the waterfall days.



5. Prevention


6. Example Remedies

  • Speak privately with the Executive and suggest that their approach is likely to have the opposite of the desired effect.
  • Ask the Executive what they really need and use that to help guide the team.
  • Get the Product Owner to negotiate priorities with the Executive.


7. Case Studies


Credit: this is based on material from "10 ways to screw up with Scrum and XP" by Henrik Kniberg. Personal Experience: Mark Levison

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