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Developing the Scrum Community

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Developing the Scrum Community


This page holds the product backlog for those of us working on developing the Scrum community. At bottom are those of us working on this. Please volunteer.


The people who are volunteering are also listed below this table.

Scrum Community Product Backlog
ThemeUser StoryStatusResource/Contact Info:URL/Resources
List communities

As a Scrum participant, I want to find a list of local Scrum communities.

Create a page to list local Agile/Scrum communities and key information.

In process


Ann Atkinson


Local Groups
Set up a new communityAs a Scrum community member, I want a checklist of things to do/consider when starting a new local community.
Job Descriptions

As an HR, Business or IT manager, I need to write job descriptions for Agile project roles. Since teams are cross functional, I need to know how to attract, hire and retain the right talent.

CompensationAs a manager, I need to know how to competitively compensate resources on Agile teams.
Volunteer to grow the communityAs an Agile professional, I want to help grow the Scrum community and resources. I want to share my contact information and volunteer to pick up an item from the product backlog and start working on it.
Filling out Firms Using Scrum listHelp make the Firms Using Scrum List more complete.In processJoe LittleFirms Using Scrum
May 2006 Scrum Gathering UpdateProvide an update/faciliate an open session at the Scrum Gathering in Portland, OR regarding Scrum Community
Add one
Add another





Joe Little

Ann Atkinson


To add you name and email to the list of Volunteers, click Edit. Then click "Go to Classic Mode" in the upper right (takes you to the Classic Editor). Then follow the examples that are there. Basically two brackets enclose your email address, the straight line character, and your name.

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