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All about soul

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All about soul


Stars: ****


Singer: Billy Joel


Lyrics: He wrote 'em.


She waits for me at night, she waits for me in silence

She gives me all her tenderness and takes away my pain

And so far she hasn't run, though I swear she's had her moments

She still believes in miracles while others cry in vain


It's all about soul

It's all about faith and a deeper devotion

It's all about soul

cause under the love is a stronger emotion

She's got to be strong

cause so many things getting out of control

Should drive her away

So why does she stay?

It's all about soul


She turns to me sometimes and asks me what I'm dreaming

And I realize I must have gone a million miles away

And I ask her how she knew to reach out for me that moment

And she smiles because it's understood there are no words to say


It's all about soul

It's all about knowing what someone is feeling

The womans got soul

The power of love and the power of healing

This life isn't fair

It's gonna get dark, it's gonna get cold

You've got to be tough, but that ain't enough

It's all about soul


There are people who have lost every trace of human kindness

There are many who have fallen, there are some who still survive

She comes to me at night and she tells me her desires

And she gives me all the love I need to keep my faith alive


It's all about soul

It's all about joy that comes out of sorrow

It's all about soul

Who's standing now and who's standing tomorrow

You've got to be hard

Hard as the rock in that old rock n roll song

But that's only part, you know in your heart

It's all about soul



Perhaps this song speaks for itself.

In the movie, The Kid sad: "He didn't have it comin'." (before he shot him), and Eastwood said: "We've all got it comin', kid."

It's all about soul. You will have it when it gets dark.


12 All About Soul (Remix).mp3


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