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Agile Failures

Page history last edited by Joe Little 11 years, 6 months ago

In the spirit of a discussion on Scrum Development I've created this page to document Agile/Scrum implementation failures.


Update: There has been some confusion: Its not that I think that an Agile or Scrum project can fail - but the people can fail to execute the methodologies well. Perhaps they don't listen when the team raises issues, perhaps team members don't want cooperate. To quote Jerry Weinberg "Its always a people problem". Yet when we are caught up in the thick of things we often don't see the early warning signs or recognize the fact that all these small problems point to something much bigger. In my mind the stories are a useful way to remind us of how things can go wrong and what it looks like when they do. As format there is none. Write your story any way that you and post wherever you want - your blog, the wiki etc.


  1. A Scrum project that failed. By Robin Dymond
  2. Tony Soprano Meets ScrumMaster By Mike Vizdos
  3. How Agile Development Ruined My Career (Sort Of)   By John Brothers
  4. What if the team rejects Scrum? and Don't Force it - again by Mike Vizdos
  5. Up a Creek Without a Paddle again by Mike Vizdos
  6. We did Agile and it failed by Ron Jeffries :)


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